Nothing About Me Without Me.


Live the life you want!

SWCI is an organization run by people with disabilities that promotes civil rights and self-determination for people in our disability and elder communities, and provides supports and training to remove barriers so people can live the life they want in southwest Colorado.

We envision a world where people with disabilities and elders are respected included members of their communities, making their own decisions, directing the supports and services they need to live well in the community, and giving back to the community from their strengths.





Social & recreational & support opportunities - check the calendar! And please let us know if you have ideas! Regular group activities include:

  • Low Vision, Diabetes, Mental Health, PTSD, MS, Meditation, Recreation/Social, Financial Literacy, Game Time, Expressive Writing, Brain Injury, Community Garden, Be Fit Be Able, Transitions, Legislative Advocacy, Klackers Tournamnet, Talking Book Club, and more!

Political Now

PLEASE REGISTER and VOTE! Last day to register for the 2016 general election is 10/31/2016, if you want your ballot mailed to you. Election Day (11/08) registration is also available at the polls.

Contact Your Representatives:

Events Job Club! Full sized flyer here.

Guided Meditation classes! Full sized flyer here.

Cortez Chili Peppers - meets on Wednesdays in Cortez - Full sized flyer here.

11/09   1:00 – 2:30  Lunch - Arby’s

11/23  12:00 – 2:30  Thanksgiving

Potluck at SWCI-Cortez

12/07  1:00 – 2:30  Lunch - Pizza Hut

12/21  12:00 – 2:30  Holiday Potluck Party and White Elephant Gift Exchange

CONTACT ROSE at 970-560-5662


We have small grants available to qualifying people age 60+ to purchase technology that can help with low vision.

CALL ANGELA AT 570-8001.

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