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You can find CCDC's 2011 House Bills Summaries at: http://www.ccdconline.org/2011-house-bills

You can find CCDC's 2011 Senate Bill Summaries at: http://www.ccdconline.org/2011-senate-bills

You can find CCDC's 2011 Legislative and Policy page at: http://www.ccdconline.org/2011-legislative-session

You can find CCDC's primary Legislative and Policy page at: http://www.ccdconline.org/legislative-and-policy

You can find CCDC’s links to disability budget issues at: http://www.ccdconline.org/2011-budget-issues

Ability Jobs- Professional positions open to candidates with disabilities nationwide. Includes information on the ADA. http://www.abilityjobs.com/

Entry Point - Outstanding internship opportunities for students with apparent and non-apparent disabilities in science, mathematics, computer science, and some fields of business. http://ehrweb.aaas.org/entrypoint/

Getting Hired - Wide range of positions open to candidates with disabilities nationwide. http://www.gettinghired.com/

Indeed - Anyone can get on this site to find employment by zip code. www.indeed.com

Business Networking International. Once you access this site there are many networking possibilities available at low cost or no cost which is a plus. http://www.bni.com/

Virtual Book Club. Features a distinguished lineup of speakers, many of whom have authored bestselling nonfiction titles. The Virtual Book Club provides a forum for readers to meet — online and via webinars — to share their views on some of these popular books. Readers continue the discussions onsite — and with the authors. The Virtual Book Club is informal, engaging, and really easy to join. Three simple steps are all it takes: Read the selected books, join the live weekly webinars, and share your views and questions. Registration and more information at https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/978144307

Aimee Mullins and her 12 pairs of legs - http://www.ted.com/talks/aimee_mullins_prosthetic_aesthetics.html A record-breaker at the Paralympic Games in 1996, Aimee Mullins has built a career as a model, actor and activist for women, sports and the next generation of prosthetics.

Senator Ellen Roberts 303-866-4884 ellen.roberts.senate@state.co.us

Representative J Paul Brown 303-866-2941 jpaul.brown.house@state.co.us

Governor John Hickenlooper 303-866-2471 http://www.colorado.gov/apps/oit/governor/citizen/assistanceUtility/welcome.jsf

Senator Michael F. Bennet 970-259-1710 http://bennet.senate.gov/contact/

Senator Mark Udall 970-247-1047 http://markudall.senate.gov/?p=contact_us

Congressman Scott Tipton 202-225-4761 https://tipton.house.gov/contact-me/email-me

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